welcome to salvator


Anthony and Lynette

Welcome and pleased to meet you! Thank you for visiting our website and supporting our mission to spread God's word. 

Jesus Christ

Grateful for the life that God has given us and giving glory to the one and only King of Kings. In a world that desperately needs God's Love, this is the way we can help spread His Word. We want to make Jesus famous. He has saved our lives, and we know that He is miracle worker. The mere fact that we are both still alive and you are reading this, is testimony to your gift of life and His mission for our lives and your life. 

What does Salvator mean?

Salvator is the latin word for Saviour.  The Holy Trinity is your only Saviour.  Jesus is my Salvator. Is He yours?

Our Customers

Our customers and partners are churches, youth groups and anyone serving the Lord through organizations. We do bulk orders and individual orders, custom designed with the mission in mind. Corporates are part of our portfolio and their support is important to our mission.


The best part of what we do , is having an opportunity to give back. To those that need it the most. The forgotten, the lonely, the wounded and the outcast. When a client orders from us, they have a choice as to whom they would like us to make a donation to, or let us do the work and give back to the church or youth program. Veterans, recovery programs and child hunger schemes are our first call, and in the future we will be offering The Salavator Scholarship Program to students and missionaries wanting to further their education in God's Kingdom.